Oryx / Gemsbok

Oryx gazella
Shoulder height: 120cm (48in.)
Body weight: 180 - 240kg (396 - 528lb.)
Pregnancy : 9 months
Number of young: 1
Female with horns
Fairly abundant

God made creatures wonderfully different so as to fill the earth with beauty and with splendid variety. Floating on the waves of heat on the distant skyline, these animals of the plains pulse with the vibrations of the scorching African desert. To them, the desert is heaven! A marvelous arrangement of blood vessels, carrying cool blood from the animal's nose to its brain, ensures that the gemsbok will not die from heatstroke in the harsh environment it prefers. With its hooves it digs for underground water and for water-rich roots. Like the bushmen it sucks water from the wild melons it eats. And with needle-sharp horns, longer on the females, the gemsbok has little to fear.