Equus burchelli
Shoulder height: 136cm (54in.)
Body weight: 320kg (704lb.)
Pregnancy : 12 months (peaks in summer)
Number of young: 1

Approaching water, frequently with wildebeest and other game, the zebra, shrewd and wary, usually let the other game be down first to drink, to reveal any lion that may lie in the ambush.  However, driven by thirst in drought times, the zebra may at times mill around their hundreds at the very last water to drink... and then from the heavy cloud of dust, churned up by many hooves in desperate flight, the loud and bewildered screams of a zebra may spell out the success of the lion's attack.  Fighting fiercely with ripping teeth and death-dealing blows from the hammer-strong hooves, few other wild beasts dare to disturb the zebra's tranquil life.