Kobus ellipsiprymnus
Shoulder height: 125cm (50in.)
Body weight: 204 - 270kg (448 - 594lb)
Pregnancy : 9 months
Number of young: 1
Female without horns
Rare to Fairly abundant

Habitually living up near water, the waterbuck is also commonly found far away from it, even climbing and grazing the roughest hillsides.  The wide, white circle around the rump is very characteristic.  The waterbuck is a very robust animal and fights viciously when it has to, even turning on man if it is wounded or cornered.  As big and as heavy as it can be, a waterbuck can easily clear a two meter (6 to 7 foot) high obstacle.  The experienced hunter can smell a waterbuck hundreds of meters away.  The peculiar smell comes from glands in the animal's skin which, if a hunted waterbuck is not carefully skinned, can give the meat an unpleasant taste. The waterbuck is an expert in hiding but will crash through the bush with a great deal of noise if approached too closely.  Chased by wild dogs it will take to water and fight its pursuers off by viciously striking out with horns and forefeet.