Tragelaphus angasii
Shoulder height: 97 - 112cm (39 - 45in.)
Body weight: 55 - 127kg (121 - 279lb.)
Pregnancy : 7 months (August to December)
Number of young: 1
Female without horns
Rare to fairly abundant

In no other South African antelope is the distinction in size, color and general appearance between male and female as marked as in the nyala.  Much lighter in weight, the brightly chestnut colored female, in color nearly the same as the fawn, stands in sharp contrast to the slate-grey to blackish bulls.  Although nyala are docile by nature, the bulls may occasionally engage in brutal fighting.  Establishing dominance in a more peaceful way involves an impressive display of beauty and splendor.  When rivals approach, the great black bulls engage in a ritual of agonistic display.  With heads raised high, the long crests of white hair on their long, black bushy tails raised and fanned out to expose the white underneath, the bulls move with a slow, stiff and determined gait in close circles around each other.  In nature, negotiating superiority usually results in combat, leading to the survival of the fittest.  This is the law of nature ... and of Africa!  The noble nyala sometimes proves otherwise ... the overwhelming displaying powers of one of the combatants may conclude a gentleman's agreement without pain and undue suffering.  Predominantly browsers nyala, like kudu and bushbuck, are usually found in riverine or montane forest, or else, in thickets in dry savanna woodlands.