Panthera pardus
Shoulder height: 70 - 80cm (28 - 32in.)
Body weight: 30 - 71kg (66 - 156lb.)
Pregnancy : 3 months
Number of young: 2 to 6
Fairly Abundant

Have you ever heard its hoarse 'coughs' at night ... its spotted body, sneaking through the rustling grass nearby?  Or stood amazed at the superior strength of this super cat that hung the carcass of a young waterbuck, heavier than itself, high up in the forked branch of a marula tree?  If not, exciting days may still lie ahead ... following the trails of Africa's most stealthy and cunning beast, the leopard.  She lives in the mountains and rocky 'kopjes', feeding her cubs in a hidden cave.  Down to the grasslands and the cattle kraals she may come tonight ... or tomorrow night to prowl around.  Don't ever take chances with a wounded leopard, because 'kill first, die later' is the motto of this fearless fighter of the bush.