Giraffa camelopardalis
Shoulder height: 272 - 347cm (109 - 139in.)
Body weight: 703 - 1 395kg (1 547 - 3 069lb)
Pregnancy : 15 months
Number of young: 1 rarely 2

Standing up to about 5,8 meters (over 19 feet), the giraffe is, without doubt, the world's tallest animal.  When wounded, or hurt in some other way, great teardrops run from the animal's beautiful eyes.  Probably one of the most silent of animals, few people have ever heard a giraffe utter any sound.  It moves in a peculiar way, shifting the two legs on the same side forward at the same time.  Running away, hooves thundering and with switching tails, they leave behind a powerful odor, characteristic of the species and easily detectable by hunters long after the swaying giants have disappeared into the dense bush.  Bulls frequently fight by standing shoulder to shoulder, swinging their powerfull necks and hitting each other with their heads.  Attacked by lion, the giraffe viciously defends itself by rearing and striking out at its enemy with its forelegs or by kicking out, in almost any direction, with its most powerful hind legs which are able to kill a big lion with a single blow.