Taurotragus oryx
Shoulder height: 150 - 170cm (60 - 68in.)
Body weight: 460 - 700kg (1 012 - 1 540lb.)
Pregnancy : 9 months (August to October)
Number of young: 1
Female with horns
Fairly abundant

Largest of all African antelope, the eland is docile by nature, yet it is one of the most alert and fleetest of the bigger game. Sensing trouble they streak away, frequently turning abruptly in a new direction and then running at a fast trot, rapidly stretching the distance between themselves and danger. They are not dependent on water. The eland has a special fondness for succulent plants and for new growth. Using their horns, large branches are broken down by the older bulls and cows to get to the fresh and tender shoots. Domesticated eland yield superb milk and meat, but this wild ox of Africa will never bow its head to the yoke and will run wild forever with the beasts of the African savanna.