Sylvicapra grimmia
Shoulder height: 51cm (20in.)
Body weight: 15 - 26kg (33 - 57lb)
Pregnancy : 3 months
Number of young: 1 to 2
Female normally without horns

Plunging away at great speed and in zig-zag fashion with rapid, virtually stiffed-legged leaps, the sharp hooves audibly tearing the hard ground, the duiker soon disappears in the nearest cover.  Widely distributed but solitary, these wariest of small antelope vary in color from grey to a distinct reddish-yellow.  It lives in the bush, feeding mainly on twigs and wild fruits. It is said to sometimes stand on its hind legs, like domestic goats do, to reach tidbits, just out of reach.  Small amounts of grass and, on occasion, even small birds and invertebrates feature on its capricious menu.  A tuft of dense hair between the horns has given rise to legends of three horned duiker.  Females only exceptionally have horns, which are then weakly developed.