Potamochoerus larvatus
Total length: 132 - 173cm (53 - 69in.)
Body weight: 46 - 82kg (101 - 180lb.)
Pregnancy : 4 months(November to January)
Number of young: 3 to 8

Experienced hunters consider the bushpig to be one of the pluckiest and most formidable of Africa's smaller game.  Very wary, and usually hidden in the dense bush by day, it will try to avoid danger by moving away quickly.  However, when closely pursued by the hunters' hounds, the chase may suddenly be reversed once the enraged pig decides to fight.  In a face-to-face confrontation the bushpig, with its peering little eyes and erect, tufted ears and mane, paws the ground and threatens the enemy with champing jaws. Knowing that the infuriated pig can disembowel its opponent with a quick strike of its razor-sharp lower tusks, even the leopard may think twice before attacking under these circumstances.