Tragelaphus scriptus
Shoulder height: 70 - 80cm (28 - 32in.)
Body weight: 24 - 54kg (53 - 119lb)
Pregnancy : 6 months
Number of young: 1
Female normally without horns

Never venture too close to a wounded bushbuck ram.  It is a friend by night, as it will warn you, with rapidly repeated, brisk barks when a leopard is near.  But if you get on the wrong side of this 'friend' you are sure to come short!  Secretive, shy and very wary, the bushbuck is a difficult animal to spot.  Look for it in the late afternoon or on a heavily overcast day.  You may find an old black bull in the thick cover along the river bed, in the darkest kloof, or elsewhere in the thick bush, because, as its name implies, that it is where it lives.  The reddish-brown colored doe may startle you when it shoots out of cover nearby.  And if you are extremely lucky you may find a little 'Bambi', usually hidden near its mother's shelter.  To avoid danger the bushbuck will take to water when closely pursued, and swim to safety.