Papio ursinus
Total length: 107 - 157cm (43 - 63in.)
Body weight: 14 - 44kg (31 - 97lb.)
Pregnancy : 180 days / 6 months
Number of young: 1 / 2
Life expectancy; 18 years

The baboon is the largest wild primate living occurring in South Africa.  Adult male baboons have dangerously long fangs and they will not hesitate to gang up to attack their natural enemies, which venture too close, including full-grown pythons, leopards and cheetah. Eating almost anything edible, it may surprise the uninformed that the rhizomes and bulbous bases of grass stems probably constitute the most important single food item in the baboon's menu. Stones are overturned in their search for scorpions, spiders and insects.  Even the young lambs of duiker, klipspringer, impala, sheep and goats are (exceptionally) captured and, at times, eaten while still alive.